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Ernest Warther Museum

Born in 1885 to Swiss immigrant parents, Ernest “Mooney” Warther began his carving legacy at the age of 5. His focus was the evolution of the steam engine, sculpting engines spanning the time periods from late B.C. to the introduction of diesel engines in the mid-1900s.


Tour our gallery spaces with over 100 pieces in the collection and learn about the awe-inspiring life of Ernest Warther. Explore the Warther family residence, Swiss-styled gardens, historic “Calico Ditch,” 3 acre park, and Frieda Warther’s collection of over 73,000 buttons. Join us at the Ernest Warther Museum & Gardens to experience the world that captures the depth and sincerity of an artist while simultaneously bringing to life the works in the collection and the spirit of the artist himself just as he lived.

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331 Karl Ave.
Dover, OH 44622


  • Open Sundays
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Family Friendly
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