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Leadership Holmes County is a dynamic, yearly program that seeks to increase the number of leaders in Holmes County through leadership training and skills development.


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Active leaders in your business or organization help it grow toward the future.

Consider how your company benefits from this professional and personal development:

  • Sponsoring an employee gives them the confidence to take on new challenges and create initiatives in your organization.
  • Employees who participate in the program develop an active network with other leaders in the community.
  • Participants gain a mentor who helps them continue to develop their leadership skills even after graduation from the program.


Leadership Holmes County provides long-term benefits to the entire community through developing leaders who understand the complexities and challenges of the county's infrastructure.

To learn more about this valuable program, please contact: 

Samantha Whitworth

Tiffany Gerber

Leah Miller

What is the mission of Leadership Holmes County?

  • To promote overall leadership development in Holmes County.
  • To provide leadership training to a wide range of individuals.
  • To increase the number of leaders in business, community, and government.
  • To increase citizen's awareness of Holmes County resources, challenges, and opportunities.
  • To promote networking among Holmes County leaders.


How is the program designed?

Leadership Holmes County is conducted by individuals experienced in leadership development. Local leaders of business, industry, nonprofit organizations, and the government will participate as mentors or guest speakers. Class formats include lectures, group discussions, field trips, and community service projects. Classes run from the first Thursday in September through May and generally include eight day-long sessions. The program concludes with a luncheon to honor the participants and their sponsors.

Who may participate?

A class of 15-20 people will be selected each year. Candidates must submit an application, with nominations encouraged by employers and peers. The deadline for submission is August 26. An effort will be made to select a group with a balance of ages, gender, occupations, interests, and place of residence. Candidates should have:

  • A demonstrated commitment to the community
  • An interest in assuming greater responsibility
  • The intention to remain in Holmes County
  • The full support of their employers
  • The ability to attend all sessions

Apply Online or Download the Application

Leadership Holmes County is a project of the Holmes County Chamber of Commerce, 6 W. Jackson St., Suite A, Millersburg, OH 44654 Phone: 330-674-3975