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Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth, and it is also a time when many baby animals are born. If getting up close and personal with a newborn farm animal is on your bucket list, Holmes County has you covered. Peppered all across the rolling countryside are places where you can step outside your car and cuddle these springtime babies. We have gathered the best places to see baby farm animals in Ohio’s Amish Country.

Everyone loves Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery, where kids, kids at heart, and animal lovers get up close and personal with hundreds of farm animals. Visitors to Amish Country experience the largest farm petting area in Holmes County when they stop here. What will you find in the petting area in Millersburg? Sweet, cuddly baby bunnies, chicks and chickens scratching for grain, newborn calves braying for a bottle, and precious baby lambs, are just waiting for you here on the farm.


       Tip: Before leaving for more backroad adventures, hit the bakery for world-                                 class fry pies and delicious homemade baked goods.


      Load up your family into a horse-drawn wagon for a trip through the Farm at Walnut Creek. One of Ohio Amish Country’s premier animal encounters will take you across fields filled with exotic to farm animals that come right up beside you.  Life-long memories will be made as long tongues reach out to lick the sweet feed right out of your hand, and emus peck the buckets while looking you right in the eye. While you might be here to feed the animals, there is much more to do on the farm. Visit the Amish homestead, where on any given day, they are sharing about how to can, quilt, milk a cow, or thrash wheat. Blacksmithing is an endangered art; their working forge will engage you with the hot glowing embers and clanging hammer as the blacksmith creates whatever project he is working on that day.