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Hummingbird Hill Flower Farm

Life Keeps Blooming


After camping in the area for years, we finally bought our farm in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country.  Originally from the Columbus, OH area, we lived for our camping weekends where the stress and worries just melted away.  We were attracted to the slower pace and simpler way of life.  There is something inherently charming about sharing the roads with horses and buggies and having access to unlimited organic goods.  


In the first two months of ownership, we established three large perennial beds to add curb appeal.  The following year, we added more gardens – including 3,000+ spring bulbs, over 300 feet of propagation beds with a gazebo, a large shade garden, a raised vegetable garden, and phase one of our dream rose garden.  It was common for strangers and neighbors to stop on the road to take pictures and try to figure out what we were doing.   We started inviting people in to tour our grounds.  We have had the pleasure of meeting people from all walks of life - from garden club members to bikers on Harleys, to lovely Geraldine, a wonderful woman from Alabama who was out of her hometown for the first time in 73 years.  


For my husband and I, gardening started years ago as a form of stress relief and enjoyment but it turned into a passion as it became food for our souls.  We often say we are planting hope - hope for a new day, hope for our future, and hope for things to spring anew each year.  We never realized what we were doing was just as special to other people as it was to us.  With every seed planted, we hope to give a little joy to a sometimes weary world.  In return, we hope to see a million smiles, listen to limitless nostalgic stories of how certain blooms remind someone of a loved one, and witness faces awash in awe and wonderment at the beauty and fragrance of the fields. We never intended on opening a flower farm, but we think we all could use some more food for our souls.  Come visit us and experience peace, tranquility, and contentment for yourself.

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10055 S Funk Rd
Shreve, OH 44676